Wohletz Law Office, P.A. provides legal services in the following areas: Business Law, Business Disputes, Contracts, Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Probate, General Litigation, Personal Injury, Real Estate Transactions, Land Disputes and more.

Gregory Wohletz, Winona, MN Attorney/Lawyer

Law practice for real life and real people: There comes a time in life when everyone needs the services of a good lawyer. When that time comes, contact Wohletz Law Office, P.A.

Legal Services

Business Law, Business Disputes & Contracts

Let Wohletz Law Office, P.A. be the first call you make for help with the formation of LLC’s, corporations and partnerships or for any business related matters or disputes.

Real Estate Transactions & Land Disputes

Whether you’re buying or selling real property, or gifting it to a loved one, let Wohletz Law Office, P.A. make sure your real estate transaction is done by the book.

Estate Planning & Probate Law

No one lives forever. We must all consider wills, trusts and estate planning, the earlier the better. We can also help with powers of attorney, health care directives and probate.

General Litigation & Personal Injury

Wohletz Law Office, P.A. has decades of experience with a broad range of litigation matters.

“At Wohletz Law Office, P.A. we have the feel of a big city law firm with the heart of a small-town law firm.”

Why Choose Wohletz Law Office, P.A.


Experience With Your Case Type

Wohletz Law Office, P.A. is a second generation law firm staffed by members of the Wohletz family. We proudly serve Southeast Minnesota and beyond from our offices in Winona.

After practicing law for over 28 years, Attorney Gregory  Wohletz has a large knowledge base in a wide variety of legal practice areas including:

  • Estate Planning
  • Probate
  • Business Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Contracts
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Real Estate Law

Attorney Gregory Wohletz has successfully handled cases and transactions at all levels in Minnesota including representing clients in a case decided by the Minnesota Supreme Court.

At the Minnesota Supreme Court, Attorney Gregory Wohletz successfully defended a civil claim brought against his clients by an injured person who had attended a gathering at his clients’ home.

Attorney Gregory Wohletz and his clients believed that the clients could not be held legally liable for the injuries under applicable law; and the Minnesota Supreme Court agreed by dismissing the lawsuit that was brought against the clients.

This work, and the other cases he has worked on, have contributed to provide Attorney Gregory Wohletz with valuable experience he uses on a daily basis to advise his clients in their complex legal matters.



At Wohletz Law Office, P.A. you will receive a realistic evaluation of your case or legal matter and a recommended course of action that we feel will be in your best interest.

We will take the time to explain why we are making the recommendation and what benefits it will bring to you.

We will also explain the risks or liabilities that may be involved.

Many of our clients come back again and again to Wohletz Law Office, P.A. because we are reliable and we make our clients’ jobs or legal issues easier to understand and handle.


Local Winona Attorney with Broad and Extensive Experience

Wohletz Law Office, P.A. has a long and distinguished history serving Winona and Southeast Minnesota dating back to the mid 1960’s.

We stay up-to-date on the latest laws and practices relevant to the local area, our state and region.

It is important to remember that different geographical areas have different laws, procedures and customs.

While many areas share similar legislation and regulations, others don’t.

Other law firms that are not local or don’t have the extensive experience that we do might not understand the nitty-gritty of your particular situation.


Trustworthy, Professional, Proven and Quality Service

The importance of investing in quality is especially true when it comes to choosing an attorney.

It is important to remember that your attorney will be representing you and it is important that you retain one that is both skilled and experienced at their job and values you as a client.

At Wohletz Law Office, P.A. we take pride in our work.

We will show you that Wohletz Law Office, P.A. is trustworthy, professional, proven and provides quality service by maintaining organization, passion, knowledge and patience for each client.


Small Business

We are a small, local law firm.

We care greatly about the work we do, and to us, you are not just another client.

We are much more personal with our clients compared to many larger law firms, while at the same time we provide a “big law firm” quality that has helped us earn our excellent reputation and proven success.

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Wohletz Law Office, P.A. has a long and distinguished history serving Winona and Southeast Minnesota.

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