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It's amazing how quickly the simplest transaction or disagreement can turn complicated. That's the way life goes. When it goes against you, that's where we come in. Wohletz Law Office, P.A. will back you up with the assertive representation you need when everyday life situations turn into anything but, our family-owned firm is widely known for its prowess in business law, civil litigation, personal injury law, and real estate law.

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Being in business has its ups and downs. If you don't do things by the letter of the law, you'll get fewer ups and more downs. Let us help you with LLC's, corporations, partnerships, and business disputes of any nature.


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Wohletz Law Office, P.A. is licensed to practice law in the State of Minnesota. If we can't help you, we'll refer you to someone who can.

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Your own mortality is a hard thing to face, but face it you must, and decisions must be made regarding how your estate will be divided when you leave this world. Wohletz Law Office, P.A. can help with all related needs like estate planning, wills, trusts and probate. We also help protect seniors when they are no longer able to protect themselves. Wohletz Law Office, P.A. is well-versed in these issues.